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We have answers to your questions about our system upgrade.


Updated January 18, 2023

Pending credit card transactions can now be accessed

Great news! We have made updates to our credit card systems and you can now access pending credit card transaction information through Online Banking and the Mobile App. 


Updated August 15, 2022

Hiding Accounts Update

You can choose which accounts you can see and access in Online Banking and in the Mobile App. To do so, click the Settings gear at the top of your My Accounts page. Simply uncheck the accounts you do not want to see.

1. Keep in mind that when you hide your account, you will lose the ability to complete certain online banking transactions on those accounts 

2. Scheduled recurring transfers set up within Online Banking to the hidden account will not take place. This does not include payments or transactions established with another company or financial institution 

3. You will not be able to transfer funds within Online Banking into accounts or make payments using the Quick Transfer feature on loans that are hidden.

To unhide accounts, please go to the Settings gear at the top of your My Accounts page. Check the accounts you want to see and access.


Updated August 11, 2022

Instant Issuance of Business Debit Cards Now Available

We have successfully restored business debit card instant issuance in our branches. You can now receive new or replacement debit cards for business accounts at a branch. You can also obtain new debit cards by calling our Contact Center and one will be mailed to you within 10 business days.  


Updated August 10, 2022

Business services update

We continue to work on solutions to business services that have not yet been completely restored. Below you'll find updates on these issues. We know your time is very valuable, and we apologize that not all services are available. Please check back here weekly for the latest updates. 

Remote Deposit Capture

SAFE is experiencing intermittent issues where some remote deposits are not successfully completed on first attempt. SAFE continues to work with our vendor partners to optimize the member experience and resolve this issue.

Alternative options include:


Business Credit and Debit Cards

ZIP Code for Business Credit and Debit Card Transactions

Business credit card and debit card transactions are now associated with the individual authorized card holder. When the system checks for verification, it looks at the card holder’s personal contact information, including address and ZIP code. Not only will this be easier for the card holder to remember but it will also allow SAFE to contact the correct individual in cases where the transaction needs to be confirmed by phone. Unless the card holder’s primary address is the address of the business, they will not be able to use the business address when completing transactions. When prompted to do so, the card holder must enter the ZIP code associated with their personal contact information to complete the transaction. If you continue to experience declines, please call our Contact Center or chat with us at Please note this change will not cause a business credit card to be tax reported to an authorized user who does not own the business.


Transferring between accounts

Online Banking and Mobile App Transfers Between Business and Consumer Accounts

Members with consumer accounts tied to their Social Security number and business accounts tied to an employer identification number (EIN) have separate logins to access accounts. To transfer funds between business and consumer accounts using Online Banking or the Mobile App, please utilize the Transfer option. If transferring to a business account for the first time:

  • Click “Add a recipient”
  • Enter first three characters of the business name into the “First 3 characters of last name” field
  • Input the account number
  • Click “Verify Recipient”
April 15, 2022

Bill Pay changes

One of the improvements the upgrade provides is the ability to choose which account you would like to pay different bills from. This means you can choose the accounts with just one log-in! When using Bill Pay, use the drop-down menu when choosing which account you want to use for each bill.  

Keep in mind that you will only be able to have one Bill Pay profile going forward. If you had more than one username or password to access Bill Pay before, you will only be able to have one now. If you did not consolidate your Bill Pay into one profile before April 8, 2022, please call the Contact Center at 800-SEE-SAFE or visit a branch for assistance in re-establishing your Bill Pay profile. 

April 14, 2022

Having trouble logging in?

SAFE Online Banking and the Mobile App are operating normally. If you are experiencing problems logging in to Online Banking or the Mobile App, here are some tips to try. 

Try all your logins. The new system defaulted to one login to access your accounts. That login is the one that is associated with your longest active account. If you don't remember which one that is, you can use the "forgot user name" process to recover your username associated with your email address on file with SAFE. You can also use the "forgot user password" to set new passwords on the accounts.

Are you a joint member? If you access Online Banking as a joint member, then you will need to register for your own Online Banking and Mobile App access. You can do that by choosing "Not Enrolled? Get Started" link under the log-in box on To register, you will need your member number. You can find your member number in the letter sent to you recently or call our Contact Center or visit a branch.    

April 13, 2022

Why you may be seeing more accounts in Online Banking/Mobile App

You may have noticed additional accounts when you log in to Online Banking or the Mobile App today. Here's why

Our new system provides a view of your complete relationship with SAFE. You can now view all accounts associated with your Social Security number or taxpayer identification number. This includes any accounts such as kids' and relatives accounts you may have helped open or were added to

Seeing adult children's accounts: Keep in mind that if you opened an account for your children when they were minors, but they are grown now and you have not removed yourself from the account, you will be able to see and access their accounts. If you no longer want this option, please call us at 800-SEE-SAFE and we’ll be glad to help.

Seeing relatives' or others’ accounts: If you opened a joint account with a relative or another person, you will see that account within online banking. If you no longer want this option, please call us at 800-SEE-SAFE and we’ll be glad to help.

Seeing spouses' and other accounts: If you share the same log-in as the primary member, you will now be able to view and access the accounts they are connected to. That may include other accounts they have with SAFE, and other accounts they are on, such as relatives' and children's accounts. If you no longer want that option, you can create your own log-in profile using your own member number and then you will only see the accounts connected to your taxpayer identification number.

What to do if you don't want to view or you want to control access to those accounts

You can hide, rename, and control access to your accounts. Primary account holders can control access to non-SAFE members using the account access control tools.  Learn how >

If both the primary and joint owners are SAFE members, both members will have access to the accounts they are on and cannot change one another’s access. If you no longer want this option, please call us at 800-SEE-SAFE and we’ll be glad to help.


March 28, 2022

Transactions honored through 6/30/23 on former account numbers

SAFE will continue to honor transactions using your former account numbers for a little over a year after the system upgrade, through June 30, 2023. This includes direct deposits, payments from your accounts, and even checks! 

A message from SAFE Credit Union CEO Dave Roughton

I’m excited to share that SAFE is making a significant investment in new technology to better serve YOU. This upgrade will transform the way SAFE does business and will put you and all our members front and center in all that we do. It is one of the most significant technology investments SAFE has undergone in the more than 80 years we’ve been serving the Greater Sacramento region. It will position SAFE to be a more nimble and competitive credit union for years to come. This is an exciting time for our credit union, and I am eager to bring you many new and improved ways to serve you.